NVIS Token

The ICO will involve 25 Million TLC credit tokens, plus an extra 5 million if fully reserved. If ICO is not fully reserved, 1,000,000 NVIS are locked up as an incentive and released for development crew after 1,250 000 blocks (1 year) from genesis. If ICO is fully reserved, a minimum of 500,000 tokens will be purchased for the development crew from market by the ICO BTC funds after ICO closure.

Pre-ICO Event

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Pre-ICO Extended to 31 August

Participants of the TLC Token Sale will gain access to tokens which will form the foundation for all transactions happening within the network.
Node owners who run their nodes will be incentivized for their support of the network. In such a way node owner will essentially act as a miner, with reward coming in NVIS token form. This differs from the typical blockchains which typically don’t reward node operators and miners are only rewarded either for their computing power (Proof of Work), or ownership of the currency (Proof of Stake). NVIS tokens will also be awarded based on the monthly hours of operation.

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A compliant Pre-ICO for NVIS Tokens will be offered June-August 2018. Tokens will be issued up to 2.5 million to determine the ICO hardcap.

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The Pre-ICO sale will be ending 31 August, 2018

To implement TLC’s vision, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue NVIS tokens on the public blockchain. The tokens called Invisible Internet (NVIS) will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO. The pre-ICO will be launched to determine the HARDCAP (how many tokens to be issued totally) for the ICO. Only 2.5M of the tokens will be distributed during this pre-ICO.

On the 20th of June 2018 at 00:00 GMT, NVIS will launch its pre-ICO. The amount sold shall represent 10% of the token supply to determine the price and HARDCAP (the total supply of tokens) for the ICO. The price of a token during the pre-ICO will be 1 USD (.84 EUR). The price during the ICO will depend on the total number of tokens issued during the pre-ICO according to the table below:

A Hard Cap of 2.5 Million Tokens will be issued in the Pre-ICO

Pre-ICO Bonus ends in

31 August 2018

The pre-ICO will be conducted at Blockchain.info wallet that accepts BTC, ETH or other listed tokens. Participants are encouraged to use MyEtherWallet or (recommended) BlockWallet smartphone wallet, as these can be used on the Ethereum blockchain as well as TSN to receive our ERC20 tokens, so to be able to participate in the pre-ICO and get Invisible Internet (NVIS), you should first create your wallet with BlockWallet. NVIS tokens will be issued as ERC20 compliant tokens for Ethereum blockchain. The NVIS tokens issued at ICO will be determined by pre-ICO performance.

Bounty Program

Each holder of Invisible Internet (NVIS) tokens will be entitled to a referral commission; this will be constituted of 20% of NVIS net transaction revenue. This will be implemented by taking 20% of NVIS’s revenues and sending them to the smart contract. For example, if net revenues of NVIS for a week are 10,000,000 EUR, 2,000,000 EUR as referral commission will be sent to the smart contract.

Finally, the NVIS’s smart contract will distribute funds (Ether) to the holders of NVIS (ERC20) tokens pro-rata. For example, if there are 50,000,000 NVIS tokens available in total and you have 1,000 NVIS you will receive cryptocurrency in a value of around 40 EUR.