• Why is TSN called the Invisible Internet?
      • TSN is “invisible” because it cannot be seen or discovered by anyone on the public internet.  Since TSN  is an encrypted layer 2 private network that works like a public network, it uses private address space that isn’t visible on public networks.
      • This is why TSN is resistant to hackers. You can’t hack what you can’t see!


  • How is SafeConnect & the TSN different from traditional VPN's?

    Other VPNs (like SSL or IPSec) are still be visible on the public internet. Although they may be encrypted, they are still vulnerable to things like Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.


  • Why is TSN so unique?
    • Most commercial VPN systems are client-server and use a centralized server to route your traffic. While this does provide some basic protection, your privacy is completely compromised. Whatever you send can be captured by their central server, and you have no way to know if your information is being collected and stored.
    • All nodes on our network are VPNs and can securely communicate with each other, peer-to-peer.
    • VPNs and even ordinary websites may be using SSL. Again, while this provides some level of protection, SSL is not unhackable. This is why the inventor of SSL is on our Advisory Board (look up Taher Elgamal).
  • Where are the other VPN nodes located?

    TSN has nodes located around the world. However, you can’t find them or geolocate them due to our invisible architecture.

  • I want be a Service Provider. How can I be paid for services?

    Users on TSN will be able to pay you with our NVIS tokens (after our ICO is completed). Other coins and tokens will be added in the future.

The TLC NVIS Token
  • How do I get NVIS tokens?

    TSN pays YOU NVIS automatically on a periodic basis just for using the network. Otherwise, by going to your cryptocurrency wallet and accepting tthe NVIS SmartContract. After ICO, NVIS can also be purchased from supported exchanges.

  • Do I need to register my name to join?

    No. We don’t require you to give us any information about yourself. TSN validates NVIS wallet address instead of user names for anonymous access and transactions.