Our Technology

TLC Secure, Inc. is pleased to offer Invisible Internet (NVIS) an access token that is a passport to TSN, the TLC Secure Network. Designed to protect strategically vulnerable blockchain nodes, TSN is a distributed network of VPN’s with decentralized management domains. Beyond it’s intended purpose, it is essentially a new Internet of private networks behaving like the public network, while being essentially “invisible” on the public network.


Joining TSN gives users an “invisibility cloak” for host computers, protecting vital system services (such as blockchain nodes) from port and protocol hacking and costly, disruptive DDoS attacks or theft. Hackers can’t hack what they can’t see.


Privacy will be a key competitive edge as well as core service of TSN. Participating nodes will have the ability to switch off the public Internet and use only TSN, or Communities they join or create.

The Invisible Internet

TSN will have it’s own DNS, DHCP and IP management, with it’s own domain name registration service and distributed firewalls. Alternative search engines, IPFM and video services such as D-Tube will be offered. In effect, it will be a brand new Internet. This offers boundless entrepeneurial opportunities.


The unique community name feature of TSN will allow for Content Marketing. As well as streaming video and audio, TSN has opportunities for negotiation with premium content providers to accept NVIS as a universal access token for pay-per-view or subscriptions. This will allow TSN to become similar to a global cable service for a vast range of programs and online events.

The SafeConnect VPN+

An invisible Blockchain Network

The TLC Secure Network is a Community of Blockchains, with member nodes securely connected within their community. This network is extensible and could potentially secure and enjoin the host nodes of ANY private blockchain (institutional or enterprise) or public blockchain (i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, Monero, etc.).








The Token

NVIS Based on ERC20 Protocol

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be used to promote support and expansion of the Secure Blockchain network and generation of the NVIS Tokens.  NVIS will be an integral part of the TLC Network where VPN consumers will be charged fees for services


1 Development of Infastructure

The required IT infrastructure to  support supernodes in 3 continents has already been developed and is available as a minimal viable product (MVP) in the form of TLC Secure Network. with Ethereum private blockchain to support NVIS tokens and Custom ETH.

Try the TLC Beta

On the 20th of June 2018 at 00:00 GMT NVIS will launch its pre-ICO. The amount sold shall represent 10% of the token supply to determine the price and HARDCAP (the total supply of tokens) for the ICO. The price of a token during the pre-ICO will be 1 USD (.84 EUR). There is no minimum purchase amount, and the price during the ICO will depend on the total number of tokens issued during the pre-ICO according to the table above

Join ICO

2 Pre-ICO

20 June – 31 August

Tokens will be distributed to represent 10% of the supply and the price of the ICO.

3 Trading Capability

Fall 2018
Convenient NVIS smartphone wallets and listing on exchanges will permit NVIS to expand market capitalization.

4 Initial Coin Offering

September 2018
30% of the tokens will be distributed to solve the capital issue so that we can improve and expand the network.

Token Redemption

Fall 2018
After the ICO, NVIS use tokens will be offered to NVIS trading tokens holders. This will allow us to offer high value services.

6 Blockchain Hosting

Late 2018
The launch of services related to blockchain hosting and alternative crypto token support.

7 New Types of Money

The synergy between blockchain hosting and payment products will offer new types of services linked usage tokens as a medium of exchange.

Blockchain Hosting Continues to Expand...


Referral Commission Structure

Each referrer of a confirmed sale of Invisible Internet (NVIS) tokens will be entitled to a referral commission; this will be constituted of 20% of NVIS net transaction revenue.. This will be implemented by taking 20% of NVIS’s revenues and sending them to the smart contract. For example, if net revenues of NVIS for a week are 10,000,000 EUR, 2,000,000 EUR as referral commission will be sent to the smart contract.

Pro-Rata Distribution

Finally, the NVIS’s smart contract will distribute funds (Ether) to the holders of NVIS (ERC20) tokens pro-rata. For example, if there are 50,000,000 NVIS tokens available in total and you have 1,000 NVIS you will receive cryptocurrency in a value of around 40 EUR.