Beta User Information

Thank you for signing up for the NVIS Beyond VPN beta program!
Here’s how to get started and claim your REWARD of 1-share of NVIS, Inc.stock:
Now Begin
1. On Google Play, download the “NVIS Beyond VPN” Android app.
2. Follow the “About this app” instructions to install. You may use your email address instead of wallet address.
1. Install the app
2. Press the “+” to create a profile.
3. Enter a name for your profile, e.g., “myphone”
4. Enter your email address. If you don’t have one, you can get one by registering at
5. Press “GET DETAILS” button
6. Press the “SAVE” button to save the profileGo back to the main screen with the gray chain-link icon. Below that you will see the Current Settings with the name of your profile.
3. Press the chain link button to turn the secure connection ON. The button turns BLUE when connected:

4. Go to the menu (upper left) and selct Catalog to see some of the demo sites.
5. Select sample NVIS TV demos for music and movies.
6. Connect to the secure game sample 2048 to play a game.
7. Select the secure movie site at to see games.
8. Select the secure RocketChat, sign-in and send a message to Phil Smith stating CLAIM MY STOCK
REFER A FRIEND to the Beta Program and get a second share! Just  write REFER and their email address  in your RocketChat. After they sign up, we’ll send a confirmation.
Any question? You may reply to me directly! NVIS is a secure distributed network. You can make your own NVIS invisible network in MINUTES to privately share data and connect hosts and users YOU choose. Call or go to for more details!
Questions? Email