Here is a trick to connect to TSN using an Android Smartphone!

Step 1: IMPORTANT: You MUST have a rooted phone

Step 2: Make sure your phone settings allow APK installation from an “Unknown Source”. If you don’t know how to do that, read instructions here.

Step 3: From your Android phone’s browser, download and install the app using Google Drive from here. It will show “Package Installer”. Select it.  Android  will show:

press INSTALL, then OPEN

Step 4: If you didn’t open, look in your Apps list and click the N2N app icon:

It will launch N2N. TURN THE PHONE SIDEWAYS and you will see a wrench icon  :

Press the wrench and it will show the General Settings screen. Keep the app running !

Step 5: In your Browser (preferably on your laptop), enter URL . The TSN Portal page will be displayed.

You must do the following:

a) Enter (or paste) your ETH wallet address. NOTE: if you already have SafeConnect running on your laptop, it’s better to use a different wallet. If you use the SAME wallet address,  turn SafeConnect OFF on your laptop.*** Wallet can be empty. This is for identification, NOT used for any type of payment.

Press the DOWNLOAD button.

b) Now OPEN the configuration file it generated. You will see values for:


You will need these values for your smartphone!

Step 6: Go back to your smartphone N2N App running on your smartphone. The General Settings shows:

  • supernode
  • Group name
  • Assign IP
  • netmask

Enter the values from the config.ini to the General Settings as follows:

  • supernode      SUPERNODE:PORT (for example,
  • Group name   COMMUNITY value
  • Password:       PSK value
  • Assign IP         IP value
  • netmask           NETMASK value

Here’s an example screenshot:

Now use your Back button to go to the main app screen:

Press START.

If your phone is rooted, you will see debug log output.


You can now go to your phone’s browser and go to “invisible” web sites like

You should connect to the invisible chat at . When you sign up or log in, you will see: